Action Travel - Forms of Payment
Forms of Payment
Payments must be received 7 days prior to reservation's check in (with exceptions to cases where the confirmation specifies a different prepayment date). Otherwise, reservations will be subject to immediate cancellation.
Action Travel will not be responsible for reservations cancelled due to lack of payment.
All refunds requested by customers and/or suppliers, for wire transactions errors processed on their part, will incur a $59.00 fee to cover for bank expenses on our end.
Deposits & Prepayments
Direct Debits:
ACH payments, only for United States bank accounts. We register your account information
and make direct debit without any expenses.
Information required:
Bank name; Account number; Account name, and Routing & Transit.
Direct Debits - Terms and Conditions:
If an ACH is processed, with prior client's authorization, and it is reversed by the bank entity (not credited to Action Travel's bank account), there will be a $59.00 administrative fee to be charged directly to the client/customer account.
Wire Transfers:
Action Travel Corp works with the following banks:
• Wells Fargo Bank.
Please contact accounting department for information:
Wire Transfers - Terms and Conditions:
In case of cancellation or modification of a reservation, which requires reimbursement to be send out via international or domestic wire transfer, there will be a $59.00 administrative fee to be charged directly to the client/customer account, besides bank fees for wire transfers that must be covered by the client/customer as well.
Credit Cards(*):
    Master Card     Visa   American Express Dinners Club
(*)In credit card transactions, charges may apply. Please contact accounting department for information:
Payment Procedure:

Please send an e-mail to or fax to (407) 900-2165, in order to process the payment. Include all the information requested below. We will send you receipt and voucher/s in less than 24 hs via email (PDF file).

 1. Credit card number + Expiration date + Security code.
 2. Full address (including telephone number & zip code) + ID number.
 3. Credit card owner's full name.

The company that makes the reservation is responsible for making the credit card owner sign the receipt; and photocopying his ID and credit card (front and back).
These documents might be requested in case of dispute.

Credit Cards - Terms and Conditions:

In case a passenger does not recognize charges when he receives the statement, the company that made the reservation is responsible for those charges. This will include a 10% increase in concept of administrative expenses (u$s cash only).

In case we have already charged the passenger's credit card and he asks for a cancellation or reduction in services, we will retain a 10% of the amount to be refunded in concept of administrative expenses.

Action Travel will only process charges to Corporate Credit Cards of those clients with an active access to our system, and Credit Cards from Bookings/Reservations Holders exclusively

Payments using PAYPAL:
Using your own Paypal account, payments must be sent to our account and emailed to:
NOTE: Prior to sending payment via Paypal, please contact our accounting department (, as to inquire for related administrative charges/expenses for using this payment method.
Payments using SoliPago – For Latin American Clients: 
We accept payments via SoliPago. Please click the following logo to be directed to the website:
For further information, please contact our accounting department at: